A Brief Shining Moment
Whatever, so I like Skyler now.

Unpopular opinion: my feminism actually makes me like Skyler White, and I think Anna Gunn is a really great actress and is portraying her character so realistically. At first she was hella annoying, because she didn’t know what was going on and always got in the way, like Buffy’s mom in the first three freaking seasons. And so she comes off naggy and shit.

But now that she knows everything and Walt is such a egotistical, manipulative, power-hungry sociopath he is SO easy to dislike. And its not fair that Walt Jr. only calls her a bitch and asks her “What’s for breakfast?”; Walt is a doucher for telling Marie and Hank about Ted to get sympathy and make all the problems seem like they stem from Skyler’s secrecy. She supported Walt when he was sick, and gave him the benefit of the doubt and trusted him, and even though she got jiggy with Ted, at least she was honest about it. And she still keeps her mouth shut about the meth, and made herself an accessory by laundering the money to keep the kids and family oblivious and give them a sense of normalcy, and gets no thanks. She just takes the shit her family throws at her pretty much, and then they tell her she needs therapy and shit, but just feel pity for Walt. 

So my feminism makes me love her, especially now that she insists that the kids be away from Walt and that she doesn’t give any fucks anymore.

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